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How Often Do You Need to Get Massage?

Nov 16

How Often Do You Need to Get Massage?


Massage for Relaxation, General Health, and Wellness. This massage is also beneficial to those who do not exercise or who are not physically active. Massage therapy can benefit your health, and help reduce stress.


Massage for Stress Management. It is recommended to get massage treatments at the very least once a week for those who are in stressful work environments or who live in difficult surroundings. People who are stressed can use massage therapy. Stressful situations can be relieved by a weekly massage. It can be comforting knowing that you will receive massage therapy every single week, or every other.


Massage Therapy for Management and Pain Reduction

It is necessary to have a different frequency for pain management or reduction. Sometimes called "diminishing Frequency". Massage therapy can also be used for severe pain. The client may choose to continue this therapy for the next or third week depending on their response to the Massage mesa az therapy. As the pain subsides so will massage therapy. Initially, it might only be once a week. However, as the pain subsides, it can be reduced to every other or less often.


Athletes can get massage therapy

Athletes' massage frequency depends on their sport, goals, and training schedule. A massage therapist will help athletes to create a massage treatment program that is tailored to their individual needs.


Mothers: Every three to four weeks - once per month

Motherhood can be stressful. It can be difficult for mothers to relax and unwind due to the stress and tension of having children. Monthly massages can help moms relax and unwind. This is a great method to relax from the physical demands motherhood can place on you.

Injuries: The severity, location, and timing of an injury will all affect the outcome.

Massage therapists know how to use massage to treat injuries. Massage can be used to treat soft tissue injury by increasing circulation, scarring reduction, and improving range motion. The results of your first massage with the therapists will dictate how often you get massaged. These recommendations will be based on your insurance referral. Massage clients who have been injured often return to the clinic once per week to assist in their healing.


Chronic pain: It all boils down to the person

Massage can be an option for chronic pain sufferers. This helps to reduce the pain and calms your nerve system. Since each client is unique and can be treated at their own schedule, chronic pain patients can choose to receive massage whenever they wish. Some clients with chronic pain will come in one week to manage their symptoms. Other clients might visit every two to four weeks. Your massage therapist will recommend a treatment, based on the results of the initial session.




You can pamper yourself with massages that are both therapeutic and relaxing. However, this may not always be possible for you. There are many ways that massages can be affordable. You can order massage packages online, or in our office. There are also monthly membership programs available as well as special promotions. This allows you to try different types and treatments without being fully committed. Also, there is no risk of trying something different.

The answer depends on how often someone needs to go back and what your budget allows.


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