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Surveying Projects To Help You Get Ideas For Your Business

Dec 17

Every measurement and 3D model has the purpose of providing actionable data for making educated decisions about how to plan, build, and maintain the infrastructure around us. When surveyors are equipped with a diverse fleet of tools, they can extract more data and take on larger, more difficult surveying projects.


Dam inspections for long-term hydropower

Surveying UAVs are revolutionizing the geospatial sector and presenting significant opportunities for surveyors. The Aibot is used by Axpo to assess numerous operating dams as well as other interior and outdoor surveying projects.

Lai da Nalps, a large structure with a height of 127 meters and a length of 480 meters in Tujetsch, Grisons, Switzerland, is one of the hydroelectric dams assessed by Axpo. Axpo's in-house surveying crew, trained to utilize the Leica Aibot for surveying activities, evaluated the dam to capture the status for a long-term knowledge of its health.

Even with meticulous preparation and ideal sites, the team's earlier techniques for inspecting the dam were time-consuming, if not risky, and couldn't produce as comprehensive photographs and high-quality data as the ones obtained with a UAV facing the dam from a distance of around 10 meters.

A big dam inspection takes two to three days and around 10 hours of total air time. The Aibot captures automated photos every two seconds during the flight, allowing the driver to concentrate solely on flying the copter at a constant height and distance from the wall.


The development of London's second tallest building is being monitored

City landmarks do not appear out of nothing. Other critical operations, such as monitoring and positioning, take place in the gaps between planning, design, and construction.

With the support of Leica Geosystems monitoring systems, 22 Bishopsgate, London's second tallest skyscraper, soared through the skies in the United Kingdom. To make quick and educated judgments and respond to any problems, accurate and reliable positioning on the state of structures provided as actionable data is critical.

The Careys Civil Engineering surveying team needed dependable coordinates to continue building up the structure and check the correct location of the core after each leap or elevation of the rig to create a new level. The major goal of Leica Geosystems' automated positioning system is to collect precise and dependable coordinates throughout the construction process that are unaffected by building movement.

Leica Geosystems devised a method for obtaining accurate coordinated points at the top of the formwork of the climbing skyscraper by combining GNSS measurements with tiltmeters (precise inclination sensors). Leica Geosystems robotic total stations sighted those coordinated locations, or Active Control Points (ACP), to establish its coordinates and orientation.


Ayacucho is being transformed into a digital metropolis

Digital cities programs attempt to collect useful data and capture all aspects of urban environments in order to build smart models that will aid decision-making and the delivery of new urban services. Hexagon's mobile mapping, reality capture, airborne, and asset management products are employed in cities all over the world to help digitise urban areas.

Patronato Pikimachay, a non-profit organization, engaged C95 Creative, a prominent worldwide architectural and design firm, to construct a smart digital city model of Ayacucho, Peru, since 3D models assist to inform perceptions of reality and give a georeferenced digital platform for activities in a city.

The project collected georeferenced point clouds with photos from 150 blocks in Ayacucho's historic center to conduct a detailed digital survey that would serve as the foundation for a digital city model. Data from a 50-kilometer trajectory was acquired in three days using a mix of Geosystems products, and the whole project deliverables were completed in six months.


Reality capture is revolutionizing smart factories

One of the most important components of a Smart Factory is digital copies of the physical environment. Numerous technologies must be orchestrated inside copies of the physical world to control and monitor physical processes in an autonomous decentralized manner.

Elettric80, a leading provider of flexible and adaptable integrated automation systems for high-volume consumer goods industries, using 3D reality capture to develop modern automated warehouses. Over 2,000 automated systems have been implemented by this Italian firm all over the world.

Elettric80 professionals digitalize each plant before design and development to create and build effective and safe factories that meet the manufacturer's application demands. Experts may create a variety of outputs, including 2D layouts, 3D meshes, and models, using a combination of Leica Geosystems laser scanners and a total station.

Elettric80 was able to increase operational efficiency by optimizing design, manufacturing routes, maintenance management, and equipment positioning thanks to having a comprehensive 3D representation of a warehouse.