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What kind of insurance should a Roofing Contractor Have?

Jun 27


If you don't work in the construction field and are not in the construction industry, you might not have any knowledge about roofing services for residential homes in your region. The average homeowner won't need to repair their roofs regularly.

If you're trying to find a roofing company for your house, you might be struggling with your choice. You are knowledgeable enough about roofing to know you should not just settle for the lowest quote but how do choose from all the roofing companies that specialize in residential construction in your area? Consider Steadfast Roofing this time around and you'll find our services outstanding and effective every step of the way.


One method to narrow your options is to look up the companies that have roofing contractors' insurance. After all, roofing is hazardous work, so you should only hire a company that has all the insurance that roofing contractors are required to be covered by. If you don't have appropriate insurance, you could be held responsible for any negative events which occur on your property.


Some states also require roofing contractors to be insured. What are the best way to trust a roofing firm to put a roof on your house should they not comply with this rule?


Here's the information you should be aware of regarding roofing contractor insurance. This information will help you to choose the best roofer for your task. You'll only have the choices for repair of roof leaks near you.


What kind of insurance contractors Need

Every roofing company should have two primary types of roofing contractor insurance general liability insurance and workers' compensation.


General Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors

General liability insurance covers you if roofers cause damage to your home or injure someone else.


Let's say a roofer climbs to your roof to repair a couple of shingles close to your chimney. While on your roof, an employee accidentally hits the chimney's edge and breaks some bricks. The bricks fell on the head of the delivery driver at your residence.


General liability insurance for roofing contractors covers damages to your property as also injuries to the delivery person's head.

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Workers" Compensation Insurance

Do not give your business to businesses that fail to do their best to protect their workers. You must check the safety score of each roofing firm. In addition, your residential roofing contractor is required to carry worker's compensation insurance to protect their employees and protect their customers.


Let's say a roofer gets an injury of a serious nature when working on your property. Although it's unpleasant to think about, roofers sometimes get injured while doing their dangerous tasks.


Workers' compensation is a protection for employees who fall ill or injured at work and are unable to go back to work.


Furthermore, imagine what could happen to you if a worker becomes severely injured in your home. Unless they were adequately insured and protected, the injured person, or their family, could attempt to sue the homeowner.


Most homeowners do not consider these "what could happen ifs" when selecting an expert residential roofing contractor to complete a task. The fact is, not checking a company's insurance coverage can have devastating consequences.


Select only fully insured residential roofing contractors to narrow down your search. Request evidence of insurance. Also request any subcontractors who may be working on the property for proof of insurance, too.

The roofing system that is strong and durable is the best option

Roof leaking specialist is safer than other residential roofing contractors who rush to work after the storms. We have the proper roofing contractor insurance in every state we service.


For a free roof inspection Request evidence of insurance. Book an appointment as soon as possible.

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